Divina, the latest addition to the Dolcevita range, already expresses in its name that style and charm that sets it apart. Its basement tub is wrapped with panels with a pleasing synthetic rattan finish, hand-woven on a painted aluminum frame; enhanced by the sun lounger with soft nautical Sky cushions, it offers maximum relaxation as you relax in the sun by the side of your water feature.


Playa is an extremely elegant mini-pool born of great Italian design. The gentle massage, the heated water, and the pleasantness of the hand-woven fibers invite you to stay for a long time in total well-being and allow you to enjoy it both inside and outside the home. It is refined and modular, perfect for a terrace, in the garden it becomes a piece of furniture and in the home a real water lounge.


Its versatility allows quick and easy installation even in areas with only seasonal use permits. Dolcevita provides a recirculation and filtration system that enables the highest quality of water hygiene and purity.


The product of unmistakable Italian design, POP! Was created to immerse oneself in a colorful and cheerful dream like Alice in Wonderland


Classic is the line of above-ground pools
for decades has represented the history of the
above-ground swimming pool and Piscine brand
Pond, thanks to the unparalleled mix
of quality, durability and reliability.