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We offer accessories that embellish aesthetically and functionally
The pool and the surrounding environment.







Showers and shower trays

The shower is an indispensable piece of furniture to enrich the space surrounding the pool with style. There are different types of outdoor showers, in solar or traditional version. The first involves harnessing solar radiation to heat water. In contrast, the traditional version takes advantage of the home’s pre-existing water system. We are official dealers of Arkema Design, a manufacturer of colored resin and aluminum showers that with careful and meticulous research creates Made in Italy products.

illuminating components

The lighting components are a complementary piece of furniture that help illuminate the environment around the pool. We offer BALLS floating or to be fixed to the floor, LED rgb SEATS AND VASES, made of resin. They charge through solar radiation or through a power cable.

Chaise longue

Chaise longue is an essential piece of furniture for fully enjoying one’s relaxation at a pool or spa. It is made of resin with a stone-effect surface, its ergonomic shape is inspired by the dynamics of the body at rest, and the ability to vary its angle makes it a unique and exclusive design object. Lightweight and handy, it is suitable for all kinds of environments, both indoor and outdoor, private and professional. Changing the supports, or using the chaise longue directly on the floor, results in as many as four versions without varying its functions. The heated version combines all the advantages already described and reaches a temperature of 41°.


They are a necessary addition to finish off your lounging area in the best possible way, giving room for creativity with an innovative and design result. We offer porcelain stoneware, marble, teak and Florentine terracotta flooring in different colors and sizes. These linings allow the pool environment to be customized with premium and rectified materials. In order not to resort to the traditional skimmer pool edge, we propose the owl-beak breaker, and in order not to install the traditional plastic grating, we recommend the two- or 5-element stoneware gratings. These are customizable special pieces that are perfectly coordinated with walkways, flooring and shower trays in the same finishes and colors.


Covers for every season with quality materials tailored to each pool. Covers are the ideal complement for those who want effective and safe pool protection.


In the winter season, it is important to preserve the pool water from the deposit of leaves, soil and mud; to counteract the formation of algae and microorganisms; and to prevent the passage of uv rays, in order to reuse the water the following season. It is a green-black pvc suit sewn for your pool to be anchored with retractable pegs and elastic tie rods or with ballast tubing, around the perimeter of the pool.


The isothermal cover reduces water evaporation by keeping the temperature constant and providing energy and water savings. It is a bubble cover that creates a greenhouse effect: sunlight warms the water, and the cover limits heat loss. This extends the swimming season and by adding a heat pump, the pool can be used even in the colder months. In addition, it is advisable to purchase a winding roller that can wind the cloth with a crank or motorized system.


The need arises from the risk of dangerous accidents that can occur in the pool. We are a poollock dealer, a leading designer of security covers. These reinforced pvc covers in 10 different colors, with automatic or manual operation, are suitable for any type of pool (skimmer – perimeter overflow – infinite overflow). They function as safety covers by preventing the risk of dangerous pool accidents of adults, children and pets; as isothermal covers by preventing evaporation and cooling of water; as winter covers by preventing the entry of sunlight and debris; and are resistant to hail, excess heat, moisture and lime scale.


To have a pool that is perfectly disinfected, healthy and at the same time in harmony and compatible with the surrounding nature uses the salts of life. It will no longer be necessary to make long journeys to transform moments of relaxation at the pool and spa into an occasion in which to combine health, well-being, pleasure and beauty. “The Salts of Life – Mother Water.” through the Biostabilization process reconstruct the characteristics of the best alkaline-earth type thermal waters, allowing you to benefit directly in your home pool and spa from all the benefits associated with the presence of the Health Mineral Salts: Magnesium (Mg), Potassium (K) and Iodine (I).

This mixture is capable:

  • Of providing health benefits due to its purifying effect;
  • to ensure better water disinfection by reducing or eliminating the use of Chlorine and other chemicals to ensure water purity.
  • To respect the environment. Swimming pool water from filter backwashing can be discharged or reused to irrigate vegetation: once the salt concentration is restored to biological limits instead of burning the vegetation, an invigorating effect of the vegetation is achieved

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