routine and extraordinary maintenance of swimming pools


We offer routine and extraordinary pool maintenance services with commitment, care and professionalism in summer and winter.

Routine maintenance consisting of general inspection of all filtration and dosing equipment, filter and pump basket washing, checking and adjusting water values, and screen cleaning.

Extraordinary maintenance: all previous points of routine maintenance and manual pool cleaning with vacuum cleaner.


Seasonal pool opening service.

  • Removal and cleaning of winter cover
  • Assembly of all equipment
  • Filtration plant start-up
  • Reading and checking water values with professional digital photometer
  • Manual pool vacuum cleaning
  • Initial treatment with chemicals
  • Supply of chemicals for the season


Seasonal pool closing service.

  • Manual vacuum cleaning
  • Filter checking and washing
  • Disassembly of dosing equipment and filtration pump
  • Water treatment with pool winterization chemicals
  • Laying of winter cover and eventual drape emptying pump.

Technical Assistance

We provide and guarantee assistance with immediate resolution of any technical problem with possible repair work, pressure testing of pipes and systems with special instruments.

Service and maintenance request

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