Wellness Centers

Relaxation nooks and crannies for home and accommodations

A corner of well-being

We give Concreteness to your dream of Relaxation

Sauna - Turkish Bath - Experience Paths - Whirlpools

Savor a magical moment in a custom-made relaxation space. The ritual of well-being in a corner of the home or in an accommodation facility. We install each piece of equipment with extreme attention to detail in order to ensure maximum comfort in a perfectly harmonious space.


Your oasis of warmth

A place built of fine wood where heat is generated by stoves containing lava stones. An oasis dedicated to the relaxation of body and mind in which soft lighting and aromatherapy provide an atmospheric and relaxing atmosphere.

Turkish Bath

Your steam oasis

A place, built of polystyrene, with high humidity that makes the room saturated with water vapor produced by a generator. An oasis of heat and steam that induces deep relaxation and in which lighting and aromas create a dramatic and stimulating effect.

Hot tubs

your oasis of relaxation

Whirlpool spas of various sizes and easy installation. The relaxing action of hot water and the massage system from the many jets are combined with the beneficial action of chromotherapy and aromatherapy to provide an extremely pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

Emotional pathways

your oasis of sensations

Emotional settings in succession with alternating water jets at different temperatures, scenery of different colors and scents for a magical effect. From the blue of cool mist with the scent of mint, to the orange of a tropical citrus shower, to the green of warm lavender water jets that provide a sense of vitality and relaxation.

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